You will find that tortoiseshell glass looks will never go out of style in the coming future very soon. They can be considered a timeless option because the tortoise-shell frame will remain a staple fashion option.

These tortoiseshell glasses are considered a classic and elegant style having unique pattern that will stand out from all others. During the 50s, this fashion trend became very popular, when first it was made by using the real shell of sea turtle. Banton Frameworks is manufacturing these spectacle frames.

Nowadays, tortoiseshell glasses can be made with several acetates as well as plastics for offering comfort, durability, fashion, and to keep all turtles safe in our oceans.

By keeping that in mind, let us take a close look at what actually this tortoise frame is, and also how to find your best options, and search your broad selection of choices available.

What a tortoiseshell pattern is?

The tortoiseshell pattern is categorized by mottled or speckled flakes in a certain fluid, natural pattern. Classically this kind of pattern has various tones of yellow and brown, similar to tortoises’ types, but can be given various range of colors for matching your personal style.

This kind of pattern also has been applied to many different frame shapes, including square, round, and horn-rimmed.

The following are the few top 7 different varieties of tortoiseshell glasses –

  • Nash
  • Roebling
  • Jemison
  • Lovelace
  • Volta
  • Turing
  • Kepler

How can you shop for these tortoiseshell glasses?

As such tortoiseshell eyewear generally belongs to a single group, but there are in fact many things that one must consider while selecting a pair of glasses that accentuates your facial appearance. 

Even though tortoiseshell glasses after all look great, however, all the frame styles may not suit you well. As a result, it will always be a very good idea for examining the different choices available before committing.

As an example, depending on your shape of the face and also your personal preference, perhaps you may like to go for a square, round, oversized, cat-eye, or any aviator tortoiseshell glass, as each frame will offer you a totally different look in spite of all the patterns are similar. 

Also, there is the question of your pattern itself. Tortoiseshell patterns are available in many different variations. This may include the “sazerac” style, which has a very similar pattern and color scheme as tortoiseshell. 

Also, you should consider the glass quality, as the plastic out of which it is made will also have a substantial impact on how your glasses will look, how will they feel, and also how long can you use them before either they will break or finally wear down.

Last but not the least, you must take into consideration the lens thickness that you will require. In case, you have got a strong prescription, then the lenses in your larger frame will become bulky. However, in this case, perhaps it will be smarter to prefer a smaller frame for making your glasses lighter and also more enjoyable to wear.