If you’ve ever gone bra shopping and returned home with a bra that doesn’t fit properly, you understand how stressful it can be. Bras might be the most difficult to purchase for such a modest article of apparel. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some bra fitting guidelines to help you have the greatest bra purchasing experience ever.

Go To The Appropriate Location

Choose DeBras Bra Shops with a large assortment of bras and professional bra fitters. Measure yourself first as a reference so you know where to look when you arrive.

Create A List

Go to the shop with a list of the bras you need and intend to purchase. This may vary from person to person, but for comfort, two nude bras, two black bras, one strapless, one sports bra, and one bra without underwire is a good place to start.

Understand Your Body Type

Be mindful of your body type so you can get the right bra for you. For example, if you have a top-heavy “apple” shape, you should opt for broader coverage bras rather than demi-cups. If you’re not sure what type you are, a guide to all things bras.

Check For Transparency

Wear or bring a thin T-shirt to the store so you can view how each bra appears in the most extreme conditions. You don’t want any surprises when you put it on for the first time!

Maintain An Open Mind About Your Size

Remember that your bra size is simply a number if you’re startled (or dissatisfied) (and a letter). The most critical aspect is that the bra fits properly.

Be Adaptable

If you’re in a pinch and a bra you really like doesn’t come in your size, it’s typically fine to go up a band size and down a cup size – or vice versa.

Have A Keen Eye For Detail

Don’t be frightened to put on the bra and scrutinize yourself in the mirror. Turn around and take a look behind you. When it comes to correct fit, the rear band may also be quite telling. There should be no gaps, ride-ups, or bulges.

Purchase Accessories

Don’t forget to pick up some bra accessories as well, so you don’t make any mistakes depending on what you’re wearing. Breast petals and double-sided tape are always useful items to have on hand.

Don’t Get Trapped In A Size Rut

Make a note of the date of your appointment and arrange another six months to a year later (bra sizes fluctuate due to weight gain, hormone changes, age, and other life changes, so it’s critical to get fitted at least once a year). Due to wear and tear, bras should be replaced every six months to a year.

Maintain The Condition Of Your Bras

It is your responsibility to take proper care of your bra once you have purchased it. It’s ideal to hand wash, but if you must use the washing machine, make sure the bra is protected with a garment bag.