You have every right to make your wedding memorable and expensive. You know that every dollar you spend on the love of your life is worthwhile.

Some couples still feel that spending a lot on weddings is reasonable. Worryingly, it becomes more expensive each year.

A fairytale wedding does not necessarily have to be expensive. It’s all about the happy union of two couples, not the entertainment or stomachs of their guests. These are seven top tips to help you make it possible.

Skip to the Wedding Planner

A wedding planner may be a cost-saving option as they handle tedious tasks. You can even have them help you plan your wedding budget. If you are diligent enough to research, make phone calls and plan your wedding, there is nothing you can’t do. When it comes to choosing reputable vendors, you will need the help of other married couples.


You must realize that planning your wedding is a big responsibility. This is why it is important to share the task with your spouse. Make a list of your top priorities and divide them equally. The husband might be responsible for transportation, an open bar, and a live band while the wife could focus on the cake, photographer, and seating chart. Some responsibilities can be shared by both spouses. Be flexible and work out a way to fit the plans into each other’s busy lives.

Find a Budget-Friendly wedding dress

Search online retailers and buy fairytale gowns for your fairytale wedding in white, cream, or ivory.

Get Budget-Friendly Rings

A wedding ring will last you for your entire married life, unlike a dress that’s only worn for one day. You shouldn’t skimp on it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop smartly to get the best price.

There are subtle differences in ring prices that can have a significant impact on the appearance of the ring. Professional jewelers will not notice any difference. These are known as diamond rings. They stand for clarity, cut color, carat, and color.

Free Locations

Sometimes, there’s a scene in a movie where the groom and bride are surrounded by their closest friends to create a lasting memory. This scene can be as romantic in real life as when the couple exchanges their vows. You just need to make sure you choose a place that is relevant, easily accessible, and affordable.

A large backyard, a benefactor’s home, or a beautiful park are all good options for DIY weddings. The average engagement period is 13-18 months. This allows you to choose the location and obtain permits if necessary.

Look for volunteers

A wedding is not just about the bride or groom. You want to make your wedding memorable for your family, friends, colleagues, and all those you love.

Taking into account the Timing

Timing can make a big difference in your total wedding costs. A morning wedding is a practical choice, as serving dinner is more expensive than having brunch or lunch. To take advantage of reduced vendor prices, book your wedding in “off” months like January, February, or March. Avoid peak months such as June, August, or September.

By Marley