When most people hear the phrase “concrete lattice furniture,” they envision incredibly hefty, unsightly pieces of furniture appropriate for parks and bus stops. However, most people are now learning that contemporary concrete furniture may be just as lovely, almost as light, and considerably more durable than other types of furniture. But do you know all of the reasons why concrete is an excellent material for furniture? Here are fifteen of them, beginning with their great utility and on to their diverse looks.


1. Concrete has a lengthy lifespan, perhaps thousands of years, as seen by roman concrete constructions. Concrete can withstand hundreds of pounds, is scratch and gouge resistant, and is very heat and cold resistant. It will never warp, although it may develop hairline fractures that are non-structural and frequently add to the piece’s beauty. While corners and edges may chip, it is usually the result of a large item striking the table or the table is dropped.

2. Excellent contemporary sealers make concrete stain resistant. Even if it is stained, the stain will frequently fade with time, particularly if bleached in the sun (though many sealers also make concrete very UV resistant, so the light will not harm the concrete or yellow the sealer). Spending a few minutes every few months waxing the table with beeswax or concrete floor wax (not automobile wax) can maintain the sealer and prolong the stain resistance for decades, and the table may be resealed after many years if necessary. If you avoid allowing acidic things to sit for long periods, your table may not need to be resealed for decades.

3. More readily refinished and repaired than other materials. If a table gets a severe stain or scratch that won’t come out, or if it has been ignored for a long time, re-polishing it may frequently rejuvenate it. Chips may often be filled in and mainly or restored with no prior knowledge with concrete, just by grouting with matching cement (though it depends on what kinds of aggregates and cement are used to get a complete match). In the worst-case scenario, color staining the whole table may make it seem brand new without entirely covering up the beauty of cement, but staining or painting exquisite wood can often harm what makes the table lovely. Color stains that have already been applied may be touched up or redone. Other materials, such as glass and acrylic, might be very difficult to refinish.

4. Our tables can easily transition from indoor to outdoor use without the need for a new sealant that alters the appearance of the concrete, as is sometimes the case with wood. You don’t have to worry about hauling in the concrete in harsh weather since UV, heat, wetness, cold, and freeze-thaw cycles have minimal influence on it. Tables will not be blown over by any but the strongest gusts.

5. There is no odor of off-gassing. Non-toxic and non-hazardous to food. Simple to clean with soap and water. Concrete emits little or insignificant levels of VOCs, and it does not retain dust like softer materials. And, of course (to round off the list), concrete is not combustible.

By Marley